Edgewood Intermediate School

Edgewood Intermediate School

7600 W Reeves Rd

Bloomington, IN 47404


Mr. Andy Scholl

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Katy Key

We are proud of the heritage we are building at Edgewood Intermediate School. The strong tradition of commitment to our students is shared within our community, parents, and staff members. The safe, caring Edgewood community empowers each student to dream, explore, and achieve.


At Edgewood Intermediate School we strive to create a dynamic, caring, safe, and engaging environment that respects all people and is dedicated to the pursuit of life-long learning.

We Believe

  • all students have the ability to learn and should receive equal yet diverse learning experiences.
  • students benefit from a positive sense of self-worth.
  • all students need guidelines and consequences to learn self-control, self-discipline, as well as respect for themselves and others.
  • students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process.
  • students should acquire skills to work cooperatively and be accountable for their actions in becoming productive citizens.
  • students need to value life-long learning
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