About Us - Edgewood Schools

Our Mission

Caring. Daring. Preparing.

We are a family that cares about our students, their families, and the community. We dare to promote bold innovations to help all learners succeed and to prepare them to change their world for the better.

Our Vision

  • Provide authentic and relevant learning by building relationships with community and industry partners
  • Develop and maintain family and community connections through engaging and empowering experiences
  • Encourage the use of innovative tools within
  • Promote workforce readiness by helping students develop the necessary skills and career awareness
  • Nurture the whole child by providing for the social and emotional needs of our students

Our Story

At Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation, we recognize that education is the heart of our community.

We are a family of dedicated educators, staff and administrators committed to the growth and success of every learner that we have the privilege of teaching.

We come together as a school community to empower all learners to think, create, persevere, grow, and develop to their fullest potential as they embrace their futures and positively impact the world.

We dare to innovate, create, and push ourselves to offer our very best every day as we prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow by providing life-changing opportunities in a caring, challenging, and innovative learning environment that prepares all students for bright futures.

Through a student-centered mindset, caring and equitable support, innovative learning experiences, and life-changing opportunities, we come together as a team to empower all students to develop their gifts and positively impact the world of tomorrow.

To serve and strengthen our community with pride.

To empower our students to make a positive change.

To inspire lifelong learning.

To change the world for the better.

We are Edgewood.

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