Summer School - Edgewood Schools

Summer School 2023

  • Transportation is available
  • Students will have a grab-n-go breakfast each morning upon arrival
  • Lunch will be served at noon

Edgewood Primary & Edgewood Intermediate School

June 5 – 22: Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Edgewood Junior High School

July 25 – August 4: Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 12:30 pm

Edgewood High School

June 1 – 28: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Course offerings are listed below.  All courses will be provided via the Apex online program.  Even though classes will be done online, students are expected to physically attend all twenty  days.  Classes are self-paced and most students will be able to complete two credits.  Students can work on their own time and could possibly complete more than two credits.  As classes are self-paced, once a student completes the needed class(es), he/she can stop attending.

Bus transportation will be available with students being picked up and dropped off either at their home or at a nearby pickup/drop off point.

Summer Course Offerings 
      English (all grade levels) 
      Math (Algebra I, Algebra II, & Geometry) 
      Social Studies (Geography & History of the World and US History) 
      Science (Earth Space Science, Biology, Integrated Chemistry & Physics (ICP))  
      Prep for College and Careers 

Other courses may possibly be available.  If interested in another course, check with your counselor to see if it may be an option. 

PE, world/foreign languages, and higher-level science courses are not available.

Additionally, Achieve Virtual Education Academy summer classes will be an option (information below). 

To register for an EHS summer class or classes, go to the EHS Summer School 2023 Registration Google Form. 

Please register by Friday, May 5th.  If, by May 5th, you are uncertain as to whether or not you want/need to take a summer class, it is recommended that you go ahead and register for the class and then, if not needed, we can cancel your registration. 

IMPORTANT:  EHS Summer school courses are for credit recovery only meaning a student can only take a course that he/she has already taken but did not pass (received a semester letter grade of F).  Note:  If you had a D (D, D+, or D-) in a class and you would like to retake it to raise your grade, you may do so via the Achieve Virtual Education Academy (see below). 

The Google registration form requires a parent’s electronic signature.  A parent must type in their name at the end of the form to serve as their signature.  This is to be done by a parent, not the student. 


Achieve Virtual Education Academy (AVEA) Summer Classes   

EHS students also have the option of taking summer classes, at no cost, through Achieve Virtual Education Academy (AVEA) which is through Wayne Township Schools in Indianapolis.  EHS students must have the permission of their EHS counselor prior to taking an AVEA class.  AVEA classes will be online and students do not physically attend classes.   Information and registration instructions for AVEA classes can be found at Achieve Virtual High School: Indiana Online Summer School. 

IMPORTANT:  Registration for AVEA classes is from April 4th to May 5th.  Some years AVEA classes have very quickly filled.  It is highly recommended that you register for your class as soon as possible.  If uncertain about retaking a class, you can go ahead and register and later cancel your registration.  If you plan to take an AVEA summer class, please email or speak with your counselor right away.

If interested in taking an online Achieve Virtual Education Academy (AVEA) summer class, the attachment provides information regarding courses, course dates, and registration instructions.  AVEA classes are separate from EHS summer school.   Remember – you need to speak with your counselor about taking an AVEA class before registering as AVEA requires counselor approval for their classes.  You can also click here to view the flyer.

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