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The Andi Burns Memorial Fund was established in honor of a former Edge graduate.  Andi was an amazing young man, who faced some difficult times in his life.  With his tragic death, his family made a selfless and incredibly moving statement.  They wished to do something that would both honor his memory and at the same time help address the wide array of challenges that our students face.  They established this fund to support our mission to help students navigate the difficult waters of their lives in preparing for life after high school graduation.  The RBBCSC Community stepped up immediately to support the cause.  The Burns family have continued to support our mission through their annual financial contributions.  Now we have an opportunity for members of the public to contribute.

Some Needs Met By The Fund

  • Vision screening and glasses for an uninsured student.
  • Incentive trips for student credit attainment goals.
  • Food for the family of students encountering difficult financial times.
  • Support for Career Development lessons, which address a wide range of our students’ needs. These range from interpersonal relationship workshops, preparing resumes, mock interview preparation, and college visits.
  • Goodwill trips to help students dress in professional attire.
    Trip to Bloomington (Understanding public transportation; professional behavior/demeanor)
  • Rural Transit passes-allow students more independence  (Increasing student mobility and independence)
  • Offers to help cover some initial costs for therapist visit.

Making a Contribution?

If you wish to support our mission and would like to contribute, you may send a check to Edgewood High School, Attn:  Regina Burns, Director of The Edge, 601 S. Edgewood Drive, Ellettsville, IN  47429.  Please indicate on the memo line, Andi J. Burns Memorial Fund.


The Edge students have been blessed by the fund since it’s inception in 2012.  Your contribution will help ensure that future Edge students will continue to have similar opportunities.  To date, hundreds of students have come through our doors and left with life skills and a diploma.  Please help to make a difference by donating today, to help change tomorrow’s future.

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