STUDENT EMAIL: All RBBCSC students have an email account through Google, which can be accessed at school and home.

APEX: This is our primary online curriculum program.

ON TRACK WEEK: Each week the students can earn Edge points for having an on-track week. This means that they are present and on time each day, and they complete the number of required lessons each day. If lessons are not completed during Edge session, any remaining lessons are assigned as HW and are to be completed on student’s own time.

EDGEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL: EHS homepage can connect to district webpage, guidance office, school calendars, etc.

WORDLE: Each student needs to create a wordle to be framed and hung on our wall. Each time a student earns a credit, the tag is added to their wordle so that we can all see and share in their accomplishments.

FAFSA: To be eligible for any federal or state financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) this form must be filled out by the posted deadlines. The application is free, and there is no harm in getting it submitted even if you don’t think you will be going to school after you get a diploma. But there are no late submissions of the form, and this one form makes you eligible for all kinds of financial aid assistance for the entire 2013-14 school year.

BLOOMINGTON VOLUNTEER NETWORK: This is a comprehensive, searchable database of volunteer opportunities in the Bloomington area. Organizations of all types need volunteers with a wide range of talents…perhaps you may find the one that is a good fit for you!

INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: This is the official state of Indiana’s site for collecting and distributing school data, posting state standards, online educational resources, education news, etc.